Fall 2002 Litter


Dam (Black & White)


Breeder: Nanci Footitt
Owners: Lynne & Tom Bradshaw, Nanci Footitt

Sire (Liver & White)


BIS (Best in Show) and National Specialty BIS winner
and Australian Grand Champion

Breeder/Owner: Barbara Turnbull

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Birth Announcement

Keeper is a new mommy!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002:
HOORAY!!! Keeper had her babies this morning ...
  1. Black & White ~ Female
  2. Liver & White ~ Female
  3. Black & White ~ Male
  4. Liver & White ~ Female
  5. Liver & White ~ Male
  6. Black & White ~ Female
  7. Liver & White ~ Male
Wow! Could you ask for a nicer litter? Mother and puppies are doing great. The pups are beautiful, chubby, healthy and eating well. Keeper loves her babies and is going to be a great mamma.

And what a good girl - she whelped during the day-time, not in the middle of the night (although Nanci was up all night with her - just in case!)

Congratulations to Keeper, Lynne & Tom and Nanci



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