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1. Can I see one or both of the puppy's parents? YesYes NoNo

2. Will I be given a pedigree (minimum three generations)? YesYes NoNo

3. What is your return policy if the puppy does not work out? YesYes NoNo

4. Do you acknowledge any hereditary defects prevalent in the breed? (If so, what are they and what steps have you taken to minimize the risk of these defects being passed on to your puppies?) YesYes NoNo

5. Do you offer any compensation against hereditary defects and do you provide this in writing? YesYes NoNo

6. Do you offer a general health guarantee on a puppy, and over what period of time? YesYes NoNo

7. Will you provide a record of inoculations, worming, etc.? YesYes NoNo

8. Will you provide CKC registration papers? YesYes NoNo

9. Are you willing to take the time to talk to me and provide all the information I need? YesYes NoNo

If a breeder answers "No" to any of these questions without providing a plausible explanation, he or she is not the right breeder for you!

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