Dear Fellow Springer Enthusiasts:

     Yes, yes, the bulletin board is FINALLY being updated. I have been truant - I know - but it was summer... and the weather was good..... and Miss Atti Tude and Everett HAD to go swimming..... and we had puppies, which kept me busy..... And then it was fall..... and there was so much to do..... and the dogs were playing in the leaves...

(there, do I have enough excuses --- and am I forgiven??!?). :-)

     Things here at Nanjay are continuing on as usual. Though, come to think of it, "usual" or "normal" are words often associated with "boring" or "humdrum" and anyone who shares their life and love with an English Springer has no claim to that!

     I wanted to thank my friends for the e-mails inquiring how we were getting along. This past August marks a year since the car accident my son, myself and our dog, Everett, experienced. Physiotherapy still takes up much of my time (yep, still wearing that darn leg brace- it may be with me for many years to come), as do appointments with all of the specialists and all of the set-backs when I fall (and I seem to fall a lot). The Springers are amazing - they have learned that "mama-fall-down" a lot, so they are sure to never crowd me on the stairs and take care when I am walking. I used to think that they were very compassionate and worried about making things difficult for me; now I realize that they are staying clear in case I land on them! :-)

     My son, Corbin, is doing well, at least as well as a 14 year old boy ever is (?!?!?!?!) and since the accident has been wearing a knee brace when participating in any sports.

     Everett's tail is wagging constantly telling us that he is happy and that the accident has not changed, at least, his attitude on life. I have observed, however, that he does lick his leg that was injured in the accident so we are keeping an eye on that in regards to pain control. If he is too active on any given day his limp appears and tells him to "slow down" (do Springers understand that concept?)

     I don't have much in the way of news for my Nanjay Fur Patrol, but I do have exciting news for a few in our extended Nanjay family....

     A four-paw salute to "Charlie" (or Charles R. Roberts as he is known in some circles) who made his debut into the conformation show ring this past month. Charlie (Nanjay's Brave The Night) set out on his show career by bringing home several Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Breed wins after a couple of weekends away from his loving mom and dad, Laura & Derek. As well, Charlie has brought home six points towards his Canadian championship! Charlie jumped into this "showing" scene like he does everything in his life - with his tail wagging - and has won several admirers along the way. I can't wait till he can add the "champion" title to his name! Congratulations Laura and Derek - all of the love and time you share with your boy is really paying off!

     Special thanks to professional handler William Alexander, Monica Park and their team in the presentation on this lovely young liver and white male puppy.

     And speaking of making a "debut" into the show ring, even MORE congratulations are in order to "Tyler" (Nanjay's Tee Time). Tyler's dad, Chris Bryce, decided that before he started working on all of those obedience, rally and agility titles on the end of Tyler's name he would like to have a "Ch" (champion) on the front of Tyler's name as well! A phone call and visit to William Alexander confirmed that Tyler wasn't just all "obedience brains", but that he has what it takes to make it in the show ring, so off he went with Will & Monica. At the time of this writing Tyler has competed in his first conformation event and is now a multiple Best of Breed winner and has a few points toward his Canadian championship! Congratulations Chris and Tyler - I think that this is the first leg of a fun journey the two of you have just begun ....

     And, of course, no bulletin board would be complete without the addition of some news in the obedience ring. I am VERY pleased to share with my Springer friends a wonderful note from Linda Sheldrick, owner and trainer of Nanjay's Common Cents (Penny):

This little firecracker , Nanjay's Common Cents, or as she is commonly referred to as "Penny" or "Miss Penelope" has just triumphantly returned from the 2006 English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada National held Labour Day weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The 2 day trek there was arduous but certainly worth it, as she obtained her Canadian C.D.X. in grand style.

On September 2, the day of the Specialty, she won first place in her Open B class and also a High in Trial. The next day, Sunday, she won the Open B class, and tied for the High in Trial. The judge can award only one team the High in Trial. To do that, each team must perform a "run-off" where the judge has the 2 teams individually perform some rather tricky heeling in order for her to determine the winner. Penny's heelwork is her true strength. She won the run-off and another High in Trial went to her credit. ln fact, all 3 of her qualifying scores for her C.D.X. (Companion Dog Excellent) title were HITS ( High in Trials) and each of her 3 scores were at least 197. Currently she has 5 HITS, one in the U.S. and the other 4 here in Canada.

One of my goals for her for the rest of this year is to work on utility training in order to obtain her OTCH title (Obedience Trial Champion) but if her past record speaks for itself then she will welcome new challenges and shine. :-)

Penny is a wonderful partner and works so hard to please her ma! There have been many times in training where I ask her to correct her body position for a front, which she does by wiggling her head a bit! It's only then that I discover that she was right in the first place...sigh!! Who the heck is training who? What a girl!

Thanks to Nanci, as always, for her continued encouragement and support and my good friend and navigator, Lynda Morrissey, who owns and loves her 2 Shelties. (written by -- Linda Sheldrick)

     Congratulations to Linda and Penny for their High In Trial at the 2006 English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada National Specialty (and all-breed show that same day) as well as the High In Trial the next day. Linda also picked up her award from the National Club for top Novice Springer in 2005 at the annual banquet! Now that must have been one FUN trip to the east coast! We applaud the work you both have done in obtaining your CDX with THREE High In Trials along the way. But most of all Linda, thank you for never losing sight on what really counts - you have always kept everything FUN for Penny! I can't wait to see what comes next......

......keep an eye out for two new pages on our Nanjay site featuring our FOUR obedience girls: Sheila and Lexi and Linda and Penny....coming soon!

     Okay gang that's the buzz on what's been happening both here and out and about at Nanjay. I also wanted to take a minute to welcome the new members of the Nanjay Family - the families who now share their lives and homes with a Nanjay puppy as of 2006. These wonderful Springers have given me so much love and enjoyment over the years; it is truly fulfilling to see the joy these puppies give to all of their new families. Thank you to all of my special families and friends who give these blessed Nanjay Springers so much love.

Till next time, take care. And as always, have fun with your Springers.....



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